At IBEX our goal is simple: to deliver top quality bikes at prices well below typical retail on similar bicycle models found in the local bike shops by streamlining distribution and eliminating inflated profit margins. With IBEX Bicycles you buy directly from the bicycle manufacturer.

Ibex began in 2002 and since then the response, has been tremendous.

We realize that many brands designed for Internet sales are often not what they appear to be on first glance. It's not unusual to see models offered in other brands that hang a high-end drivetrain group on a cheap frame with low-end peripheral components. However, that is NOT what IBEX is all about. In order to offer you the best value in a new bicycle we streamline the distribution process rather than "cutting corners" on our bikes. Every IBEX model is designed and spec'd with ALL parts selected to work in perfect harmony and of a commiserate level. That means when you select any IBEX model you will find that the frame, drivetrain, fork, wheels and everything is up to the same standard of quality... right down to the tires, cockpit set, saddle, grips or whatever. An IBEX bike is a complete package.

IBEX Bicycles was conceived on 3 main founding principles:

  1. Our products must be better than our customer expects when their bike arrives. Because we are asking our customers to purchase their new bike mainly from photos and specifications, we feel that it is important to ensure that you find no reason for disappointment.
  2. We use quality materials and name brand bicycle components like Shimano,  Avid, TruVativ, WTB, Rock Shox, and more. When purchasing on the Internet or through mail order it is important to know what you're getting. Though there are many fine components made, whenever possible we try to stick to those that are well known in the US so you can tell exactly what parts make up your new IBEX bike.
  3. We endeavor to offer the best customer support possible. A customer with a problem should not be left to sort out that problem on his or her own. Only by providing support after the sale can we ensure customer satisfaction and build our reputation as an excellent source for fine bicycles and a reliable company to do business with.

We are committed to producing fine bicycles and establishing a reputation for excellence. To all reports, we're on the right track with many happy customers out there already enjoying their new IBEX bikes.